My Cabot Witch Journey

Joining a tradition that chose me

I’ve always had a love for majick and for witchcraft and the unexplained. I had a Ouija board at age 10 and started reading books about strengthening psychic abilities at about the same age. I’ve always known that there was something special and different about me.
I did meddle with witchcraft when I was young, and I say “meddle” because I had no business doing what I was doing and learned a painful lesson. Majick is real!
Unfortunately, my spellwork at such a young age with absolutely no guidance, but a lot of anger, DID, in fact work. The spell worked magnificently — on me first, the intended party second.
The next time I meddled, also from a place not very educated and full of pain, it did work, but I also carried guilt. So much so that I turned my back, followed the mundane socially accepted path of being unfulfilled and always searching for answers that I forgot I already had.
I had decided organized religion was not for me. I studied quite a few. I personally found nature to be the closest thing to anything I could worship or call a power greater than myself. I’ve enjoyed being a solitary practitioner for many years, but again, something had been missing.
Then Laurie Cabot came into my radar. A friend expressed an interest in her course, mentioned a few of her books, I ordered one for my Kindle, and started reading. I knew right then and there, reading Laurie’s words and feeling them deep in my soul as true and correct, that this was my tradition. I was home, finally.
I am honored to have received training by Laurie Cabot and have been initiated into the Cabot-Kent Tradition of Witchcraft. I am a second degree Cabot Witch, a Priestess!

While I make a variety of different items, the spellwork-related items will be in the correct manner and honoring the Cabot tradition.


Tarot Readings

Find your answers

 Divination is a wonderful tool to answer your questions, confirm your beliefs, peek into what you can create for the future. My goal is to empower people with clear choice on how best to handle the situation at hand.
Services are provided to those of 18 years or over, for the purpose of entertainment only, and professionals should be sought for expert advice in all medical, legal and other matters.
Due to COVID, I am presently offering tarot readings online via email.

Three-card readings are $30, payable in advance via CashApp, $robin1010; or Venmo, @RobinFritz. Please use the Contact Us tab, provide your contact information and ask your question! I cannot wait to give you insight. 



Reiki Healing

Calm your mind, heal your body

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had is receiving training in Reiki at Omega Institute by Brett Bevell. The other is being able to offer this healing to you.

Due to COVID, I am presently offering Reiki distance healing services online. Please use the Contact Us tab to schedule your healing session.